Non toxic nails

Every girl loves to  get her nails done. It makes us happy to have our nails look pretty. There is an abundance of nail salons in every shopping centre.

  • Have you ever noticed the smell when you walk passed?
  • Do you ever wondered what they use for your nails?
  • Did you noticed your nails starting to get brittle and soft after just using them once?
  • Has someone you ever grinded your nail to the skin – ouch?
  • Did you know there are alternatives – Healthy nails that stay on for up to 4 weeks!

There is a Solution – Bio Sculpture/EVO & The Gel Bottle

Bio Sculpture/EVO has been around for over 25 years. The products are 10 free and have a 5star health safety rating. Due to the high product cost Bio Sculpture & EVO is usually only available in upmarket salons.

The Gel Bottle is a relative new product that is also 10free. Superb quality, extreme high shine that lasts up to 4 weeks.

 Stunning highly pigmented colours, very durable. A variety of top and base coats available to suit every type of nail. Mood colours, cat eye and 3D polishes and more

We only use the recommended soak of removal and do not grind your natural nail!This service uses more care and time, but your nails will love you for it!

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Get our healthy nails! Stunning colours with high gloss shine that last up to 4 weeks!

Non Toxic Nail Pricing

Set of Gel Overlay up to 5 layers $65 

Set of Gel overlay plus sculpture from $75

Set of Gel overlay with art effects $75

French Gel Overlay $75

Fix a broken nail, silk  extension $5per nail

Removal of existing gel overlay $15 regular clients $5

Add Hand Exfoliation and Massage $20

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